Agri-Tech Economics Role in Rural Development, Bangkok, Thailand, 15th May 2019

Agri-Tech Economics Role in Rural Development

By Prof. Dr. James Lowenberg-DeBoer

– The presentation will define “agri-tech economics”, provide examples of the agri-tech economics role in rural development in both industrial and developing economies, and outline agri-tech economics challenges for the future

Professor Lowenberg-DeBoer made a presentation entitled “The Role of Agri-Tech Economics in Rural Development”. The presentation was made in a conference room at the Rama Hotel to an audience mostly composed of Kasetsart University faculty and students. The objectives of the presentation were to: 1) define agri-tech economics, 2) provide examples of agri-tech economics and implications for rural development and 3) discuss some agri-tech economics future challenges. The presentation provided the conceptual basis for the Thai rubber farm analysis and led to a broader discussion of the technology and economic challenges related to tropical tree crop production.

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