Interview and visit members of Rubber Fund Cooperatives in Nong Lalok, Ban Khai, Rayong, Thailand, 2

On 20th May, 2019, The full research team visited rubber farmers who are members of Rubber Fund Cooperatives. This visit was accompanied by extension officers from Rayong Province. The purpose of the visit was to conduct pilot interviews with the rubber farmers in order to develop the research instrument further. Three farmers were interviewed, and some informal discussions were held with other farmers in presence. The research team also visited two rubber plantations to see how rubber production and intercropping were operated. This visit inspired a change of research strategy in terms of data collection. The team realised that the data to be collected to inform the LP modeling would require more extensive discussions with various stakeholders. A questionnaire survey would not be suitable. It was then decided that more in-depth interviews with a purposive sample would be the most appropriate approach.

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